3rd Széchenyi Race
2008 - Győr

part 1

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This year it was the third time that the Race of Alternative Driven Vehicles was organized in Győr. ( On the first race even potato was used to make the driving of a vehicle by keen students. Today however serious solutions are born and the number of competitors is twice as much as it was on the first race. More and more people are thinking of protecting the environment for our descendants could live on the Earth in similar good conditions even after thousand years.

There could be found everything on this competition from the 3-wheeled "Antibringa" (which means the cycle of Anti and is called after its creator) through the solar panel driven 4-wheeler till the compressed air driven (was used on the race with compressed Nitrogen because of easier supplying) vehicle everything. The most vehicle was built with electric motor. The power to use the electric motor is stored in batteries. There were more teams who were using supercapacities for better acceleration.

It could be seen definitely that the spreading of usage of electric cars in town traffics is not an Utopia any more. Usable, vigouros solutions, converted series cars could be seen on this race, from which even more has its authorization for participating in public traffic. So the technics is already in our hands only we have to know to live with it. The possibility is open in front of the enterprising, some financial background having, wanting to protect the environment people to use the zero emission having electric cars instead of the gasoline eating monsters for short distances - even for 60-80 kms - typically for town traffic.

Show of the vehicles

some competitors
Some of the competitors
nitromobil For long distances it is better not to start onboard of an electric vehicle
One of the compressed Nitrogen driven vehicles -
when the tank is empty...
The "ANTIBRINGA" has been arrived on a roof rack
electric 4-wheeler electric 4-wheeler
The electric 4-wheeler of the CSERI-TEAM The most weak point of this vehicle was the chain
between the motor and the rear wheels -
it should be put back several times during the race
vehicle with mixing more kind of drives already down from the truck
Mixing more kind of drives in "Pápamobil" -
named after a Hungarian town called "Pápa" -
inquirers could see it on the nicest squares of the town
The most vehicles have been arrived on truck -
another Nitrogen-driven 4-wheeler -
this car could not participate in the race
because of missing the safety belt
golfcar Fiat Tipo
A golfcar And the series car conversions: Fiat Tipo
Trabant 601 Polski Fiat 126
Trabant 601 Polski Fiat 126
Citroen 2CV Porsche 924
And our two converted cars: Citroen 2CV
driven by a nun just like in the films of Luis de Funes
Porsche 924
has been arrived from 155 kms on its own "legs"
- with 3-hour charging as fuel-filling on half way

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